Many people do not look forward to house painting projects. They are particularly uncertain about the process and the end result.
We call this group of DIYers ‘functionals’: they will pick up a paintbrush, but only if they really have to.


It turned out that functionals follow a different customer journey when choosing products. Rather than colour, they base their purchasing decisions on the job that needs to be done - painting the stairs, the radiator, etc. This insight informed all the brand expressions we developed for Histor Perfect Finish.


Histor lends a helping hand so each DIYer can achieve a perfect end result. We therefore designed each pack to provide the customer with maximum support by using iconic images. In-store communication explains the painting process step by step and DIY leaflets offer help at home.


Increase in distribution +33%

Sales  +12%

*in the year after the relaunch


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design strategy
packaging concept & design
in-store communication