Yesterday’s name

In the Netherlands special beers are doing great. It is all about taste, character and attitude. To catch up with this trend Albert Heijn decided to re-introduce an old friend after more than 15 years. A new beer with a unique proposition that fits between a special beer and  thirst-quenching lager. 

Brouwers,  the perfectly drinkable lager with the distinctive attitude of a special beer.

In addition to the new flavor the identity had to fit the new proposition. Millford is responsible for the new positioning and new brand identity of Brouwers. Starting with the brand values: character, accessible, quality and contemporary,  Millford developed the logo and style, and translated this to all touchpoints. Brouwers identity is recognizable by the strong brand logo in which the four brand values ​​can be found. The new logo and visual identity of Brouwers meet the current era and fit seamlessly in both markets.


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