Moers tea & more

The Impassioned Tea Retailer

A few times a year we focus on small treasures with great stories. These are jobs that give you a smile on your face and make you want to open up your laptop at night to work on it. In this case it was a small teashop in the midst of the historic heart of Leiden. The impassioned entrepreneur Fredt Moers could use some help regarding the identity and name of his shop.

His dream was to open up a specialized shop that was enabled by his passion for delicacies and beautiful products for individual use. Each product needed to have its own unique story. We translated his passion and the rich world of tea into a brand identity that suitably fitted in an industry of high end products.

Our ideas needed a style that covered quality and tradition, while at the same time preserving a modern edge. For a smaller retailer like Fredt, it is pleasant to work with a brand identity that is easily applicable, yet affordable. These were preconditions for us to consider in the creative process.

Naturally, it all started by creating a suitable brand name, which turned out to be Fredt’s own last name: Moers!

The whole story of Moers’ teashop is brought together in the name and logo; the retailer himself, the largest part of the assortment: the tea, and all tea related products. The sensorial quality of the tea was translated into carriers with a particular form of refinement. 

The assortment, consisting of 100 different sorts of tea were all given a specific color-code, simplifying the navigating process in Fredt’s shop. Now Moers was ready to welcome all people from Leiden!


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