Verkade. Can’t get anymore more Dutch than that. Verkade has even been elected three times as a brand of the year and everyone knows who the yellow-dress Girls of Verkade are, as well as the cans of cakes. Verkade has helped co-form Dutch culture for the past 130 years to what it is now. For any strong brand, maintenance is required. For example, Verkade wants to be as decisive for the Netherlands as it was in the past, now, and the future.

Furthermore, the brand's role in consumer life must be re-identified. Together with Verkade we got started, which resulted in of a powerful repositioning of this beautiful brand. The new, proud design of the chocolate range works seamlessly with this new positionering.

Often we never take a break, but secretly, Verkade is inextricably linked to everyone's lives. It can vary from a roll of Digestives cookies that appears on the table when you are with your mother or maybe a whole bar of chocolate especially for you during your favourite Netflix series. We have all created our own special moments. Moments you experience and aren’t even aware of. To each, their own piece of enjoyment.

With the chocolate bar's renewed packaging design, Millford created something special. The morning sun on your face, that fun song on the radio, the sweet sound of birds whistling their songs. Aren’t these the little things we should be enjoying more often because of how they make life even more enjoyable?


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