Dr. van der Hoog

Dr. van der Hoog listens to your skin!

Reposition the brand through a new packaging line and a new communication concept for TV, print and online. That was the question that Dr. van der Hoog asked us. Our advice was to go back to the origin, dream, vision of the brand and above all not to look at what other brands can do better.


What Dr. van der Hoog makes unique, is the brand's down-to-earth and refreshing mentality. Every woman is different, has different needs, a different skin and that is where Dr. van der Hoog wants to listen to.

Dr. van der Hoog sincerely believes in honesty and transparency. This is refreshing in a category that is known for sketching a beauty image that is often perceived as unrealistic. The more disruptive is the positioning of Dr. van der Hoog.

This can be seen in the packaging design. The multitude of colors emphasizes the variety of problem-solving products and the uniqueness of the individual. The design looks soft, fresh and feminine. The dichotomy in colors emphasizes reciprocity: listening and offering solutions.


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