Intertoys is the largest omnichannel toy store in the Benelux with more than 400 stores, a webshop and an enormous authority in the field of games. It is all about claiming this position. Where sales and margins used to be the main focus, experience has become one of the brand’s key focus areas. Which is necessary in an ever growing competitive market like this one, where big online companies are continuously trying to claim a piece of the pie.

The ability to add shopping or gaming experience is one of Intertoys' most important advantages relative to its competition. To reinforce Intertoys' renewed brand positioning, we developed a visual identity that reflects the spirit of the brand and the always changing needs of the consumer.

Playing is more than just toys. Playing is all about fantasy. And fantasy makes everything better when you play. With the visual identity of Intertoys we not only represent the toy itself but the entire imaginative world surrounding it, because that is what makes playing more fun than toys alone! 

By playing with fantasy, a child discovers possibilities, creates solutions, practices with social situations, processes events, learns and develops. It makes children smarter and more creative.

Intertoys has built strong elements over the past 40 years that makes the brand recognizable and familiar. The logo fits today, where the letters are rounder and therefore become friendlier. With the removal of the shadow it all looks fresher and lighter. The color yellow has also become warmer and less dominant.


A secondary color palette has been developed which, in combination with the colors yellow, black and white, brings a lot of extra dynamism and diversity into the expressions. For the time being, the old house style in the shops, for example, is still visible next to the new house style, which will be implemented step by step. All communication messages, such as the website, already have the new look and feel.


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