Lotto, the game with the balls

Since its start in 1974, Lotto has become a household name in the Netherlands. With its iconic mechanical draw machine, the expression ‘all balls rally’ and the live draws around Studio Sport, the brand entered everyone’s home on Sunday evenings for many years. Lotto was the first Dutch lottery to have its own television show, the Willem Ruis Lotto Show. This was later succeeded by programs like Lotto Weekend Millionaires, with a viewing public of on average 1.6 million people.

But all that is in the past now, the market has changed and the original target group getting on a bit. Time to give the Lotto brand a fresh boost. We were called in by Lotto for the visual identity and Lotto chose Selmore as lead agency for brand communication. In this process the visual identity and brand communication were developed simultaneously, which is quite extraordinary.

Game message

The challenge was to distil a straightforward game message. A message with a buying incentive: ‘This is fun and easy, let’s try it’. A message that also clearly positions the Lotto game in relation to its competitors. That same simplification had to become apparent in the visual identity, in the logo as well as the style. The old logo felt like a collection of separate elements, we had the photographic styling of the balls, the harsh yellow colour, the all-important black and the compact spacing of the wordmark. This could be experienced as rather inaccessible. However, the old logo also contained many good things, elements we definitely wanted to reuse and what we focused on in our design process.

 The yellow and the balls retained the prominent and proud position they deserve. The adjustments made to the logo result in an overall friendlier look & feel. The soft, round shapes make the brand less male and therefore more accessible. In Lotto’s visual identity it’s all about the actual essence of the game, the balls. They have been given a clear role in the communication and are being used to reinforce the message. The little arms and legs are gone, these balls simply act like balls do: they fall, roll, bounce, float and so on.

The simplification of the visual identity also had to be implemented in one of Lotto’s key communication means, the Lotto forms. After all, that is what it all boils down to. The forms are sold a few hundred thousand times a week, so there we really had to make a difference. With the motto ‘less is more’ the lottery form was reduced to its core and only the bare essentials were included in the design.

We went back from 3 pages to 1 page and minimized the explanation of the game. Understandable to all. To make sure Lotto can use the visual identity in all channels and means in a clear, recognizable but also playful manner, we developed a toolbox that is easy to use by all agencies.


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