Something new on the horizon

In 1973, Appelsientje introduced 100% pure and unsweetened fruit juices. A first in the Netherlands, since pure juices had never been sold in cartons before. Today, it’s impossible to imagine a Dutch supermarket without Appelsientje. But since the introduction, a lot has changed in the Dutch juice landscape. Long-life fruit juices are under pressure and get it in the neck from the health debaters.

The lumps of sugar are being counted and all the good and tasty characteristics of the fruit fade into the background. Time to turn the tide. Together with Appelsientje we started on a redesign, with the aim to bring the focus back to the natural quality of the product. And especially, the enjoyment!

Friendly logo

The large A has given way to a smaller, sympathetic and accessible version. The leaves stress the natural origin. We want to return to the basics and put the fruit, not the brand, centre stage. Furthermore, some ‘sobering up’ was called for and we said goodbye to the somewhat unnatural looking 3D effects and shiny elements. Consumers are making increasingly conscious choices as to what they eat and drink and expect brands to do the same. It was, therefore, time for Appelsientje to turn the tide. Product intrinsically, by introducing juices with less sugar.

But also by dispelling misperceptions about existing juices. Our job was to create a packaging that draws the attention to the natural quality of Appelsientje again: great fruit juice, without added sugars, colouring agents or preservatives. And most of all, a packaging that makes you happy and that brings back the focus to the pleasure of drinking fruit juice!  

A world under the sun

The design of the packaging is always a combination of real fruit and illustrations. The real fruit shows what Appelsientje is good at: making high-quality great fruit juice of fruit selected by the Appelsientje ‘fruit sommeliers’. The illustrations create a kind of lightness and naturalness. Our fruit trees are loaded with fruit.

We use natural, fresh colours in combination with genuine ‘fruit’ colours. Appelsientje brings you ‘the best under the sun’, which we have extended to the visual style of the brand. In this way, we have created ‘a world under the sun’, which we can elaborate on in a versatile yet distinctive way in our communication.


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