Sigma & the Prosumer

Sigma has been one of the most used brands by professional painters for many years. Until recently, Sigma could only be purchased from specialist paint shops. At the end of 2017, the brand bridged the gap with the DIY store. To accomplish that we joined forces to address the positioning of the brand and translate this into a packaging design and various means of communication.

The Prosumer, the consumer who wants to paint like a pro and approaches the job at hand with great interest and attention, knowledgeable about technique and quality and willing to pay for it. Until recently, this ‘Prosumer’ was not catered for by PPG in home improvement stores, they simply didn’t have a brand for this target group yet. By introducing Sigma this has now changed.

Sigma has based its concept on the insights from the Prosumer’s customer journey. All the questions and doubts in the journey have been translated into solutions on the shelves. As a result, shelves are filled with a small and convenient product selection, aimed at a specific paint job.

In addition, we demonstrate step by step which products the consumer needs to do the job like a ‘professional’: i.e. which cleaner to use, which sanding paper, which brush, which primer, which paint and which colour. This is complemented by tips and tricks of the professional painter.

In the communication on shop floor level, we literally let the Sigma pros do the talking. We simply put them in front of a camera and had them explain it all. Like painters do. Without much ado, just like it is. They provide the Prosumer with simple tips how to achieve the best result. This is reflected in the store, in the POS material, the brochures and in one of the many DIY vlogs. Research shows that the Prosumer needs to be addressed in a different way than the professional painter.

We have not only translated that to the shop floor but also to the packaging design. Whereas technical specifications are key to the professional painter, the job that needs to be done is the thing that matters most to the Prosumer. As a result, painting wood for the interior or exterior of your home for example is put centre stage. This makes it a lot easier for the Prosumer to find the right product.


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