Green is good for you

Pokon is a brand that has rediscovered its relevance to the consumer. An achievement made possible because we tackled the positioning of the brand together. What is needed for a brand like Pokon

to have consumers take to their garden or balconies en masse again? As a team, we challenged the old brand positioning and let go of the familiar.

A brand such as Pokon, which started from a chemical formula, peppered with ratio and technique, had to dig deep to eventually decide on what had been a known fact for quite a while: Pokon is thé green expert and knows absolutely everything about all things that blossom and flourish. Brimming with knowledge and expertise and with an innate passion and love for the trade.

It’s the hidden force behind many gardeners. Which is why we defined sub groups with their own needs, wishes and subsequent communication. We developed a renewed brand identity that does justice to the new positioning. The brand identity was translated to all the Pokon brand touchpoints, like the entire communication concept, all the packaging, point of sales material and a consumer’s magazine.


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