A family of bakers

Together with Bolletje we addressed their packaging identity. Step by step, as the successful bakery brand didn’t want its regular customers having to search the crowded breakfast and snack shelves. The question was, how can we unite the Bolletje product family without damaging the power of the individual propositions?

In other words, how to retain individuality, while creating cohesion? We started with defining the brand identity and positioning, followed by developing the product range in such a way that individual concepts could reinforce each other on brand level as well.

We divided the extensive product portfolio into a number of guiding clusters. These clusters go beyond category and therefore also product groups. It says something about the intrinsic power of the products, the look & feel and the tone of voice of the world they belong to, but also about the emotion

involved in buying or eating the products. They all have one thing in common though. Everything is prepared, baked and tested by the passionate Bolletje bakers.

The creative concept focuses on stories from the lives of the Bolletje bakers, which we visualized in the packaging design by each time putting a different element of their lives and their profession centre stage.

In this way we do justice to the power of each product proposition, but create cohesion at the same time.

Award-winning work

On 15 March 2018, the NL Packaging Awards, thé professional awards for the packaging sector were presented for the third time. In 12 categories the best packaging was rewarded with a prestigious award. The jury said: "The holistic approach is extraordinary, the appearance, the hierarchy as well as the stopping power turn this packaging into a winner.

It’s an eye-catcher. The cutout in the cardboard is very appealing to consumers and a very strong point indeed, as it’s not a double window. The bag-in-box is the actual window and that is the added value. Bolletje has done a great job, developing itself from a traditional rusk producer to a modern supplier of cereals."


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