Thé brand for genuine liquorice lovers

At Klene everything is always about the ingredients. Sometimes even literally. Like with Klene Puur. No beating around the bush here as to its ingredients: only the absolute essential ones of the highest quality. Hence the pure taste. Literally a matter of ‘what you see is what you get’. Honest and transparent.
This experience is further enhanced by the use of Kraft paper combined with the pharmacist label. Klene Puur is Millford’s first achievement for the ultra-Dutch Klene brand. Something we are quite proud of to be honest.

Its rich history and tasty products make Klene thé brand for the genuine liquorice fans. With classics like Pontefract cakes and liquorice all sorts Klene has some real gems in its product range. And even though Klene cherishes its past, it doesn’t dwell on it. Most innovations on the shelves originate from Klene, the first to introduce sugar-free liquorice and launching new products every year, unparalleled in this category. All inspired by the love for liquorice. And that is something we notice in our cooperation on a daily basis.

But that’s not all, because besides developing Klene Puur, a lot of effort behind the scenes has been put into fine-tuning the Klene brand.
We started our cooperation with creating a solid brand foundation to build on in the future. Together we have reassessed what the brand stands for, what it believes in and which position it wants to claim in the head of the consumer.

With a delightful result. Everyone is on the same wavelength and with the newly developed assortment strategy we do justice to the uniqueness of the products while creating cohesion at the same time. A first taste of this is the design of Klene Puur. So, keep a close watch on Klene, since there is a lot more in store for you…


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