The health care market is changing rapidly. The population of the Netherlands is ageing, price pressure is increasing, consumer needs are more demanding and at the same time, society is becoming more transparent. Time to take a different approach. Time for an organization that looks at the health care chain from a different angle.

Time for an organization that really puts the patient’s interests first and not only challenges the way we used to do it but also comes up with an alternative. Millford developed a name and visual identity that supports and strengthens this great mission in all the right ways.  

Naming - Toolbox - Visualization

In the naming process various angles have been researched. The route of ‘the Vitruvian Man’ by Leonardo da Vinci came out as winner. Vitruvius is the symbol of humanism with man as the centre of the universe. This is an important driver of the organization. The name Truvian is derived from it.

Apart from translating the visual identity into a toolbox, Millford has also contributed to the brand visualization/animation. Naturally, a new name and organization needs to be presented and supported with pride internally too. For that reason we created a brand animation to surprise the employees during the launch.

Visual identity

Market trends like an ageing population, increasing price pressure and changing expectations are important drivers for the organization to take into account. The main USP is that this organization is really taking a different approach, which is adopting the patient’s viewpoint. This requires a different view and approach, also as far as the visual identity is concerned. The goal is to create an organization that is ready for the future.  

The strength of Aesculapius’ staff, with the snake winding itself around it, is the symbol for cure. The suggestion of the staff of Aesculapius has been incorporated in the logo. The style elements, derived from the word mark, visualize the various parts of the organization. For each pillar or area of activity, an individual range of symbols and colours has been created. As a result, each pillar can distinguish itself within the brand and retain its own identity in positioning itself.



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