Eurojackpot, Don't dream it, just do it!

Eurojackpot is a relatively new player on the lottery market that already has other parties like State Lottery, Lotto and Postcode Lottery. The extremely huge jackpot can reach amounts up to € 90,000,000 which makes Eurojackpot unique of its kind. A jackpot like that has caused the brand to experience a strong growth in a short period of time.

As a result, other brand values remained underemphasized. For Eurojackpot a reason to consult Millford for a new visual identity. Super Heroes was chosen as lead agency for brand communication. In this process the visual identity and brand communication were developed simultaneously, which is quite extraordinary.

Excessive ‘bling’ and luxury were the key elements upon which we based the concept design. This was translated into a lens flare. The challenge was to integrate the existing logo into the new visual identity,

and to develop a distinctive design that would clearly stand out among the other lottery brands in the portfolio of the General Lottery Association.

We also tried to incorporate a certain boldness in the brand, to build on the tagline Niet dromen maar doen (=Stop dreaming, do it). The brand now claims royal blue as its prominent colour, the richness of which still links to the world of luxury Eurojackpot has always managed to identify itself with.

The translation of the visual identity also needs to be effective on the main means of communication of Eurojackpot: the lottery forms and tickets. To ensure Eurojackpot can use the visual identity in all channels and means in a clear, recognizable manner, we developed a toolbox that is easy to use by all agencies.


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