A healthy & strong Africa

Amref Flying Doctors is the largest African health organization. Amref believes that a healthy Africa starts with healthy women and children – they are the foundation for the future. By focusing on them, the NGO aims to change healthcare and healthcare systems on the African continent long-term and from within.


In its endeavours Amref works closely with governments and the local population. Its projects are targeted towards training local people and combatting disease by information campaigns and research. We helped Amref with translating their positioning into a new visual style.

Amref Flying Doctors is not a one issue NGO. Amref dedicates oneself to a wide range of projects and themes. From projects against female genital mutilation to educating people to be care professionals and building proper sanitation. The challenge was to link this variety in themes, countries and projects, while maintaining individual characteristics. Together with Amref we divided the projects into four themes, that in turn formed the base for developing the visual identity. It gives the visual style diversity and colour. The well-known colourful African fabrics with their unique patterns, typical for the areas where Amref operates, served as inspiration for the visual identity.

The patterns have a meaning that goes beyond aesthetics and fashion. They tell stories, inform and inspire. The patterns allow us to tell the Amref story. In this way, the themes of Amref not only get their individually specific copy and photography, but also their own artwork. All the patterns are related, but each one has its own characteristics and its own colour palette. This means that besides design, we can also distinguish between the themes in colour.


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